Behold – The Gamers Cantina!

Visit North Bend, Oregon for goblin fighting! Or come and raid a dragon’s hoard! Or listen to a bard’s tale!

Just down the street from the Itty Bitty Inn is The Liberty Pub, is a cantina of a more traditional sort. 

But, in today’s blog entry – I’d like to tell you about a different type of cantina that beckons our guests.

Sure, our hometown has waterfalls and sea caves and lighthouses and dune buggys and fishing and crabbing and kayaking adventures …but come to North Bend for the REAL GEM of the coast – nightly Dungeons & Dragons games at the Gamers’ Cantina

Jessica who works at the Cantina, even holds free painting classes for character figures and game pieces! W00t!


The Gamers’ Canina is located 5 blocks south of the Itty Bitty Inn, and it’s located at 769 Virginia Avenue – downtown North Bend, Oregon!

You can reach them at 541-808-3070

Game ON!

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