Maybe you've seen some of our fix-it videos on YouTube, where I'm troubleshooting an old washing machine or vintage Atari 2600 consoles. In recognizing Star Wars Day, I made a fix-it video where I troubleshoot a voice amplifier from the lower receiver of my old stormtrooper helmet.

After successfully fixing the internal microphone amplifier, I mistakenly enable the transceiver module and stumble into radio traffic of a nearby Imperial garrison. Whew, talk about making a video of what-not-to-do, right? It's been a few days and I dont think anyone noticed my communication node transponder - so, far. 

Whether your home and family celebrates May the Fourth Be With You ...or Revenge of the Sixth; Happy Star Wars Day to you!

This is the May.


Here's the Link:



This week That 70's Room received a dose of disco love with help from local muralist Simon Whiteowl. After special ordering and installing the old-school wood paneling, we couldnt stop there! Next thing I know it's almost midnight and I'm shopping for disco ball motors. After much exploration, I discovered an instant favorite new vendor for the inn called: from Covington, Kentucky. I filled out the contact form on their website and I immediately received a text from the owner!  They were super helpful and even knew the RPM and weight capacity of the motor without having to look up the deets! The transaction was smooth and shipping was fast. Wow, I should probably focus on telling you about the upgrades to That 70's Room.  I will type out words to the tune of Funkytown, which is in my head right now...

Rotating disco ball? Boogie down!

Disco lights in the ceiling? Right on!

70's movies featured nightly? That's a 10-4 good buddy.

New retro wall paneling? Far out!

And dig those new wall stripes!

For a video tour, check out this link: That 70's Room at the Itty Bitty Inn in North Bend, Oregon


Chekov and Sulu are DJ'ing at the Mos Eisley Cantina?

Dare you sit with Han and Greedo?

Is that Lt. Uhura surveying the scene amid starstruck jawas?

It's just another night at the Itty Bitty Inn!

Ive pics of some other new sci-fi murals we added, but I'm late meeting a friend for brekkie, so I may add them to our blog later.





We hear wedding bells!

Our Tiki Lounge Room hosted artists and gallery owners Gary & Kim, from Florence, Oregon.

Gary proposed to Kim just now, in the Tiki Lounge Room… and she said YES!

Congratulations, my friends - may your marriage be happy and light hearted.

And may there be great health and wealth!


Beam us up!

Newly built equipment from Star Trek's USS Enterprise transporter room electronics console has arrived for our guests' enjoyment.

Jon Simon of Connecticut is one of the nation's best pop culture sci-fi equipment crafters, and he hand-builds some of the most highly collectible, screen accurate stage props in the world!  We now have four of his treasures - especially constructed for our Star Trek themed hotel room!

Guests staying in our USS Enterprise - Star Trek Room will remember the transporter room console from various episodes, as the lighted display toggles through different modes and audio from various episodes of Star Trek's original series loops in the background.



This is cause for celebration!!! 

A cheery toast and THANK YOUs to the folks from Oregon's adventure magazine, That Oregon Life - for such a gracious nod and such a sweet write-up!

We are featured among some mighty fantastic places and are honored to me included among them.

When I read that our inn features biking and Ataris and digeridoo jam sessions, I was like aaaaw, I wanna go there!

'Farm OUT, man!' - as my Dad would say.