New books featuring getaway ideas on the Oregon Coast have arrived at the inn!

Now our guests traveling north or south along the coast will have great stop-see-eat-and-stay ideas provided by our very own, North Bend author Kim Cooper Findling, whose new book arrived at the inn this morning!

The pages are stocked with adventures - where new visitors and longtime Oregon Coast residents will find exciting activities and lost secrets revealed along our coastal pockets!

A little footnote regarding Kim Cooper Kindling:

She went to school with me at Bangor Elementary here in North Bend, Oregon and I remember her being very kind and smart and outgoing and everyone in our class considered her a friend. Her father (Dr. Cooper) taught at our local Southwest Oregon Community College, which we'd call SWOCC.

Dr. Cooper would invite our classes on special field trips where he'd teach us about the flora and fauna native to our Oregon coast. 

Years ago, I remember being in my kitchen in El Paso, Texas, washing dishes and listening to NPR. I think the show I was listening to was Fresh Air with Terry Gross...and being interviewed on NPR was an author talking about her new book, growing up in a small town on the Oregon Coast. The stories the author was sharing were not unlike those from my own sweet memories. When they were about to take a break in the show, the author's name is mentioned and I was like ohhhh my God, Kimberly Cooper? I went to school with her!   

It may not seem like a big deal. But it warmed my heart. My parents and school and town helped make my childhood magical. And Kim and her father were part of that.


Make your visit to the Oregon Coast extraordinary during the day or the evening!

Surprise your partner - Let's plan  a live music and wine date  or crab feast  or a guided kayak or boat tour on the bay - Oregon style!

From birthday parties to anniversary celebrations, we also invite local food and beverage crafters to help us help you create remarkable experiences during your stay on Oregon's Adventure Coast: Coos Bay, North Bend, Charleston!

We have friends who play the harp and the accordian and the dulcimer and they are all down to put on a private concert for you - or for the whole inn!

We have friends who are local chefs and brewers and vinyard owners who are stoked to help you make a special mini event, tailored just for you at the Itty Bitty Inn!

Dine-in at the Inn, or go out to eat before or after your event.

BTW...The Itty Bitty Inn is located 3.5 miles north of the Blue Heron Bistro in Coos Bay, Oregon.


Meet the owners of The Bigfoot Adventures!

These seasoned guides now offer tours for guests at the Itty Bitty Inn, following a recent Sasquatch sighting in nearby woods, 

On these tours guests will learn to use noise augmentation and tracking equipment, practice various calls that Sasquatches are known to use, while at a camp site set up by the tour guides.  Various tour times and locations are offered that orbit the latest sighting of Bigfoot.

Perhaps after a tour, guests meet at the fire pit at our local Seven Devils brewpub to gather round' and share Bigfoot stories!

The Itty Bitty Inn is located 3.6 miles north of Seven Devils Brewery in Coos Bay, Oregon.




Our guests Diego and Anna, from New York, drove across the country and stopped by for a night stay at the Itty Bitty Inn in North Bend, Oregon!

What an epic adventure!  We couldnt help take pics near the Not-Fade-Away Mural, which is a soft homage to The Grateful Dead. Which naturally features an old VW bus with dancing bears and chickens! 

Along the Oregon Coast's Highway 101 you come across sleepy towns like Florence and Yachats and Gold Beach and Bandon. 

27 miles north of Bandon, Oregon is the Itty Bitty Inn, in North Bend!



More amenities have arrived for our newly themed Star Trek - USS Enterprise Room!

Vintage comic book and record sets have arrived and our guests are invited to share in their cheesy goodness!

The stories played from the tinny speakers of the record player pair remarkable well with a locally brewed amber ale, btw.

Finding the Star Trek Room at the Itty Bitty Inn is easy, we are located one mile north of the Mill Casino and Hotel.






Welcome the USS Enterprise Room (NCC-1701) to the Itty Bitty Inn!

The first, I mean phase is complete!

Next - our fully interactive Star Trek Enterprise stage props will be arriving, lighted and with sound - from a custom Trekker prop crafter, Jon Simon in Connecticut!

Famed muralist and son of the Pacific Northwest, Simon Whiteowl has returned to the Itty Bitty Inn to paint the walls and artwork, where no hotel room has gone before! 

In this room we have honored Ensign Rizzo from Star Trek's original series (he was part of a landing party exploring Argus X in season 2). We believe some of Ensign Rizzo's final duties may have included helping visiting dignitaries who were staying aboard the Enterprise before going on his away mission. In this case, he is featured bringing bath towels to our guests!

This Star Trek inspired room is located in Room #3 at the Itty Bitty Inn in North Bend, Oregon which is 1 mile north of The Mill Casino and Hotel and 23 miles north of Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in Bandon, Oregon.

Live Long and Prosper!