Are you making plans to drive your Tesla along the Oregon Coast on your next vacation adventure?

If so, remember that we have TWO charging stations and we are part of Tesla's Destination Charging network, free for guest use!

Charge your batteries - on the house!

Our charging stations are both rated at 18,000 Volts which will give you about a 40 - 44 miles per hour charged.

These Level 2 chargers are located in our parking lot in front of the rooms on site at the Itty Bitty Inn, approximatley 1/4 mile south of the McCullough Bridge in North Bend and a mile north of the Mill Casino & Hotel in Coos Bay.



We have coffee and tea and wine and beer and cider and Vimto, so come over and chill with us as we take in some infrasonic massage from the dual digeridoos and drumming! Cliff and his wife bring their instruments most Thursdays in the summer time and put on a session for us all to groove to here at the Itty Bitty Inn. Faaaar out, man!

Jam out sessions begin at 7ish and end about 8ish. Bring your sweaters because it gets a little chilly.

The Itty Bitty Inn is located 1/4 mile south of the McCullough Bridge in North Bend, Oregon!


The Itty Bitty Inn has TWO tiki themed rooms celebrating the midcentury exotica genre, and visiting guests often ask us to prepare special tiki drinks for their arrival - how about ordering a Mai Tai or Navy Grog or a Zombie among other tiki-themed drinks available to guests staying at our inn?

Or order the inn's very own specialty drink (with or without alcohol) - the Tiki Cha-Cha!

Interested in taking home some locally made rum? Be sure to check out the Stillwagon Distillery in Charelston, Oregon which is only 9 miles away from the Itty Bitty Inn!

It's a match made in heaven!
Itty Bitty Inn features some of the most robust and sought after Pinots of the Willamette - from the Abiqua Wind Estate vineyard and we coulple them with the award winning charcuterie boards from our neighbor chefs at the Wildflour Cafe.
Also, be sure to visit the Wildflour Cafe during your visit: just three blocks south of the Itty Bitty Inn on hwy 101.  Mmmmm. 
Bon appétit!
Craving cuddle-time with a good book and fresh-from-the-oven (or grill) snacks?
Our warm & cozy daytime happy place has always been Books By the Bay and we are so happy to announce that inside our favorite bookstore -
Christin and Max add to the already welcoming vibe at  with their breakfasts and pastries and quiches and cookies and coffees and teas jeez I will just meet you there!
Oh, and here's their website: Itty Bitty Inn is located two blocks north of Books By The Bay bookstore and The Grounds Cafe Coffee shop in North Bend, Oregon.
Our Tiki Lounge Room ‘s record player just received some new-old vinyl!
Thank you  in Portland, Oregon for sending these - so here’s a quick sample of Martin Denny ushering that mid-century tiki vibe through the speakers on this portable record player in the Tiki Lounge Room.
C’mon over - let’s have a Mai Tai!