Thank you dear Simon the Muralist!

Your warm energy and smile will accompany our memory of you while you worked, painting these happy murals at the inn.

"I Love You So Much" and "Not Fade Away" animates the decades of life and spirit of the Itty Bitty Inn. 

As you drive south across the McCullough Bridge in North Bend, Oregon, you will see our murals on the right hand side of the Oregon Coast Highway 101 located at 1504 Sherman Avenue!  



More fun Oregonie artwork at the inn!

Here are some action shots of art work being installed on our north facing wall at the Itty Bitty Inn along Colorado and Sherman Avenue in North Bend, Oregon!

Between rainy days and spots of sunshine, the VW bus and the bears and the chickens are almost done being painted. 

Thank you Simon Whiteowl for all of your hard work painting this mural...and all those years showing us that our path can be mellow!



Thank you SO MUCH The World Newspaper for this most awesome honor!

Just a mile north of Coos Bay you will find a happy and humble cast, here at the Itty Bitty Inn, who love to serve our guests and community.

Me and Gen and Martina and Kim and Clay send heart felt thank yous to those who thought kindly of the inn, sending us this big love to earn this award! 

(Not photo’d were Little Red and Cluck Clucks who were busy laying eggs during the scheduled photo shoot.)


Look what just arrived by FedEx!

Just north of the Mill Casino in North Bend, Oregon mystery boxes have begun arriving at the Itty Bitty Inn - What could they be?


Thank you SO MUCH to our new friends at Tesla Gigafactory and Tesla Motors for approving us as a charging site on their Destination Charging network!  

Here we go Randy Rema of Reese Electric in North Bend, Oregon - Let's rock together and get them installed! 

YEAH!!! - More information and photos coming soon!


Behold - It's a summertime MIRACLE here in Coos Bay, Oregon!

Just south of the North Bend's McCullough Bridge at the Itty Bitty Inn, while snaking on guacamole and chips last night, I pulled this out of the bag and yes, it must be a sign!

A light shone down upon our building, here at 1504 Sherman Avenue.

Okay, it was just the moon.

...the Atari gods have smiled upon us and wish us ALL to PLAY NICELY TOGETHER with mirthful cheer!

We are permitting public  viewing of this miracle artifact and we ask only peaceful crowds gather in our parking lot, please.



Thank you SO MUCH, Dearest Joe and Sheryl!!!

After weeks out of town, I'm back and I cant wait to open my I begin to sift through boxes and letters and then - whoa what's this???

It's a care package from my friends Joe and Sheryl!
WHAAAT??? Itty Bitty Inn COOKIES!!!

I LOVE cookies, especially sugar cookies and I love Joe and Sheryl too!

Thank you soooooo much my dear friends!

Who knows - If you are in North Bend, Oregon, near Southwestern Oregon Community College and the North Bend Public Library, you might catch me snacking on these little pieces of heaven. And I happily share, btw.  :)

Oh and I found this Yelp review too that they posted with pics of their artful, magical, delicious COOKIES!!! >>> Review on Yelp