Farewell dear guests, Neil and Julie from Glasgow, Scotland!

While staying with us last night, our new friends discovered the township just across the McCullough Bridge just north of the Itty Bitty Inn called ... Glasgow!  Neil was stoked.

I told them both about the Glasgow Market, which is one of the few businesses across the bay. He was so hoping that they sold some hats or t-shirts at the market in Glasgow (Oregon) to bring back to their home in Scotland.

At the very least he and Julie said they'd be posing for pics of our Glasgow, for sure!


And in case you didnt notice - I wore my Scotty uniform top this morning to commemorate our heartfelt and happy goodbyes. 

Safe travels my friends!  



One of my favorite sandwich and cookie shoppes in all the world, where everything is baked in-house using wholesome, old fashioned, Oregon crafting. The name of this heavenly haven? City Subs, located on 4th Street in Coos Bay, just 3 miles south of the Itty Bitty Inn!

Warm sunshine is served even on rainy days here in Coos Bay / North Bend - at City Subs!

What a happy scene. The ladies working behind the counter are always so smiley and high spirited as they share banter with each other and customers while filling out menu orders.

Every time I have been here, the customers are greeted with chipper service and deliciousness! 



Hello and please HELP if you can, dear friends!

A gnarly capsize saw one of our yellow 10' kayaks lost in the choppy waters of Coos Bay, this week.

After a long swim to shore, we watched the kayak get pulled quickly by a draw tide. It was out of sight within minutes in the direction of the Horsfall Beach road entrance.

The USCG station in North Bend, Oregon called me to let me know they spotted my kayak aground near the BLM boat launch on the North Spit, across from North Bend. I went out on early morning jaunts and searched the shoreline and flats and could not find it.

The kayak lost looks just like the one in the picture.

If you happen to find it please let us know - reward offered!

Thank you! 


Today’s post is called: A Big Day for Little Red

Once there was an Inn. It was an Itty Bitty Inn, and a happy hen named Little Red got her chance to run it all by herself.

She started her big day reading the funny papers and then she checked the inn's email and then she greeted her new guests …Juliana and Stephanie from Seattle!

Whew, what a big day for Little Red!


You too can meet Little Red next time you visit the Oregon Coast or come see us at the Itty Bitty Inn in North Bend, Oregon.

We are just south of the McCullough Bridge that spans across Coos Bay!

We are just North of Mom's Kitchen and Ashworth's Market in North Bend!

See you soon! 



Here, at the Itty Bitty Inn in North Bend, Oregon we love to send love to other places we love.

...and we LOVE The Spoon! 

Just south of North Bend - Coos Bay is World Famous Langlois, Oregon. What makes the town famous?

It must be the historic Spoon Cafe!

It's clean and vintage and BIG on supporting local flavor and craft!

I was so stoked to find beers and foods sourced locally...even our own 7 Devils Brewing Co was available!

Andrew and Samantha - have a WONDERFUL 2018! 



When you visit the Itty Bitty Inn, you may venture down Sherman Avenue and enjoy an Oregon brewed craft beer in down town North Bend, Oregon at The Liberty Pub, or maybe south along highway 101 to Coos Bay, Oregon at our very locally brewed 7 Devils Brewing Company!

Or maybe you'd prefer the relaxed setting of your own room, instead by walking across our parking lot to fill your growler with local beer or cider at the Itty Bitty Inn's front lobby.  Our cider is made by the Bandon Rain cidery and our beer is brewed at 7 Devils in Coos Bay, just 3.5 miles south of the Itty Bitty Inn!

No matter where you decide to enjoy your tasty beverage, likely you are enjoying a craft beer whose roots originate from of a movement that is artistic and agriculturally responsible - and financially creating BIG economic ripples felt in every corner of our country.

Steve Dresler, the godfather of the craftbeer movement, and his wonderful wife, Cathy - stayed at our Itty Bitty Inn last night!

Meet Steve Dresler, who oversaw all of Sierra Nevada Brewing's new beer development and production since 1983, winning 8 World Beer Cup awards and 31 Great American Beer Festival medals!

The recently retired brewmaster of Sierra Nevada Brewing is still listed by Wikipedia as their head brewer.

Thank you for staying with us!