Visit North Bend, Oregon for goblin fighting! Or come and raid a dragon's hoard! Or listen to a bard's tale!

Just down the street from the Itty Bitty Inn is The Liberty Pub, is a cantina of a more traditional sort. 

But, in today's blog entry - I'd like to tell you about a different type of cantina that beckons our guests.

Sure, our hometown has waterfalls and sea caves and lighthouses and dune buggys and fishing and crabbing and kayaking adventures ...but come to North Bend for the REAL GEM of the coast - nightly Dungeons & Dragons games at the Gamers' Cantina

Jessica who works at the Cantina, even holds free painting classes for character figures and game pieces! W00t!


The Gamers' Canina is located 5 blocks south of the Itty Bitty Inn, and it's located at 769 Virginia Avenue - downtown North Bend, Oregon!

You can reach them at 541-808-3070

Game ON!


Martina the Artist has bestowed upon us yet ANOTHER wonderful window painting!  This time she created a nautical Thanksgiving scene, complete with a cornicopia, galleon, and the ever-present holly found throughout Cascadia. She is the best window muralist in Coos Bay - North Bend, Oregon!

Thank you so much Martina!


 itty bitty inn motel hotel coos bay north bend oregon coast atari vintage 

Need your Atari or record player set up and ready for your arrival when you come home to us? We are totally on it! When you get home it will be like Christmas morning - 1978 all over again, with your Atari and games all a-glow and warmly waiting to be played.

We LOVE  getting requests from guests to have an Atari set up in their room before their arrival!

Today's set up is in our Tiki Cha Cha Room (Room #1) - and Galaxian has been tested and is ready to rock!

Dearest Crystal from Nebraska - your room is now ready!

itty bitty inn coos bay north bend coast oregon hotel motel  

What an honor! - We dearly wish to thank the famous Don Woods of KBOO Community Radio's long running show, the Tiki Cha Cha Club for staying with us, here at the Itty Bitty Inn!

Each week Don Woods gifts Portland with musica fabulosa! Lounge and exotica (and tiki charm) completes his local community radio scene in a way that could only be found in Portland, Oregon.

Check out his latest show here!

As an added treat for us, Don's awesome sons also hung out with us for their couple days of stay with us. Come back again soon my dear brothers! 

Sunny days are here and our bikes are ready to roll!

Summer is here and we have plenty of new and well tuned bikes we loan our guests. They are super fun to ride en route to the pub or coffee shops or antique stores just down the road from our inn. If you're craving a bike ride, we also have helmets and safety vests and hi-viz lighting too!  

Enjoy your summer!  :)

Miss Piggy ...a Harley from Arizona, stopped in for a night's stay at the Itty Bitty Inn on her way up to Seattle.  Jennifer accompanied Miss Piggy on this ride was stoked to explore hwy 101. It was both of their first time on the Oregon coast!  Miss Piggy is adorned with a gazillion Swarovski crystals from the front fender to the tail lights - such glam!  This is sooooo Miss Piggy, we LOVED it!

Safe travels dearest Miss Piggy!

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