Its a dark and rainy January day today. It's perfect weather to just brew up some chai, snuggle up with a blanket, and read that book you've been saving for that day when you tell yourself that you're going to spend some "me" time.  

No, wait. 

Its also perfect weather to call friends over to play some Dungeons & Dragons. Roll up some characters, drink some tea, and try not to let the campaign get distracted by off topic Star Wars rants.

Either way, what bliss! -  So, we jumped on Spotify and put together some tunes for the most discriminating of book readers or Kobold slayers. 

oregon coast coos bay pet a chicken at the itty bitty inn

Here's Jim from the Oregon Oats Company who stopped by the inn with another delivery of oats for our guests!

Jim was introduced to the cuddly Mr. Bokins, during his visit to the inn. Thank you, Jim, for all the great work you do with the Oregon Oats Company. Support local businesses and enjoy better service and better products!


Baked Goods

Every Thursday, Harmonie at the Hannah Marie's Bakery bakes this PacNorthWest treasure; Homemade cinnamon raisin bread! Put a slice in the toaster and it makes the whole house smell yummy! - Hannah Marie's is located just a short walk (or bike ride) down 101 from us,  next to the Coos Head Food Co-Op. Beware, Harmonie also bakes up dangerously delicious cookies and pastries!

Dulcimer Performance

Thank you Robert who entertained our guests with his dulcimer and great singing! Robert played many songs that took us all through a journey across time as he featured many dulcimer songs popular in Europe and the Americas. A free dulcimer concert and clean, cozy rooms? - Such a deal at the Itty Bitty Inn!


Happy St Patty's Day! We received a warm visit from Captin Harry and his wife Tenny from the fishing boat SHENANIGAN. Capt Harry's vessel is moored in Charleston, Oregon. After a great catch, Harry and Tenny stopped by the inn to say hi with some fine, large, decadent spotted prawns! Happy St Patty's Day, indeed! 


THANK YOU for your super kind present!!!
Our recent guests, Chris and Amy from Sonoma County gifted this awesome bottle of wine!

Amy works for La Crema and Chris works for Joseph Swan Vineyards and they are making their way back to California today.

After enjoying some local flavor (such as Ashworth's growler station and Mom's kitchen) they leave us knowing they now have friends in North-Bend Oregon!

Safe and lovely trails! :)