What are the odds that each room at the Itty Bitty Inn would be filled with guests from different cities in Canada?

Upon waking up and enjoying their morning coffees, several guests sat outside to enjoy our warm, sunny morning (our high might even get up to 75° F today!). Upon looking around, we all noticed that each of the license plates in the parking lot were from Canada!  All, except one, that is. There was a car with Washington tags owned by guests staying in Room #4. Once they woke up to grab breakfast we found out that the husband was from Bainbridge Island, Washington and his wife...from Surrey, British Columbia! 

What a trip, eh?


On a cold and windy 4th of July, along the beaches of Bandon, Oregon, we met two American heroes who really made this holiday super heartfelt and memorable.

Meet this selfless couple, Laura and Steve, who have lived on the beach these last two months - 24/7 - keeping a vigilant watch, monitoring the endangered Snowy Plover who lives on Oregon's shoreline. 
They record observations on the local plover's habitat while providing information to beach visitors about the species!

Thank you soooo much Laura and Steve - big love and peace to you both!


Enter the Disco-Fabulous-Late-70's - Room #5 is complete...for now!

Nestled between two Emily Ashworth originals, is the swanky glass table lamp we've been waiting for, to complete the room's feel!  The satin white lampshade on it brings memories of a dress that our Aunt Vivian once wore before she left us at our Grandma Dolly's house, jumping into her 76' Camaro for a night of dancing to Staying Alive!

Oh, and yes, that's a re-built Atari on the dresser, thanks to Recycle Video Games. Wanna bet that there's a framed Bee Gees album is hidden in this shot?  ;)



These orcas, known as Bigg's Killer Whales, are members of the transient Orca population which regularly visits the Oregon coast. They are most often seen locally in the spring. Unlike the fish-eating resident Orcas of Puget Sound and Canadian waters, these Orcas feed on marine mammals and we presume come into Coos Bay looking for harbor seals to eat. 


Kayaking near the mouth of the Umpqua River means getting agro in all kinds of conditions! Battling tides that pull you towards the ocean or paddling against winds that blow the opposite direction of the drawing tide...and then theres the super-fun-climbing-out-of-the-muddy-bank maneuver with a kayak in tow! Big respect to our guests who chase this adventure.

This weekend, we were happy to provide an egress by sending in the Itty Bitty truck at the Dean Creek/Umpqua River junction. Time for an IPA.

Located inside the Books By the Bay bookstore, just down the street from our inn is The Grounds Cafe!

Mmmmm - with homemade pastries and awesome sandwiches and pastas, this is quite the happy spot in North Bend, Oregon, when all you want to do is find a good book and some great snacks. Chef Kristin, owner of The Grounds Cafe went to elementary school with Rik the Innkeeper - back in the late 70's. Kristin hooks up our inn's guests with discounts off of various items. If you let her know you're a guest at the inn, she might give you a free cookie...or a discount off of your meal...or a free tea...or whatever she feels like, pretty much.  Her meals and coffees are all served with big smiles!