Happy St Patty's Day! We received a warm visit from Captin Harry and his wife Tenny from the fishing boat SHENANIGAN. Capt Harry's vessel is moored in Charleston, Oregon. After a great catch, Harry and Tenny stopped by the inn to say hi with some fine, large, decadent spotted prawns! Happy St Patty's Day, indeed! 


THANK YOU for your super kind present!!!
Our recent guests, Chris and Amy from Sonoma County gifted this awesome bottle of wine!

Amy works for La Crema and Chris works for Joseph Swan Vineyards and they are making their way back to California today.

After enjoying some local flavor (such as Ashworth's growler station and Mom's kitchen) they leave us knowing they now have friends in North-Bend Oregon!

Safe and lovely trails! :)


Locally Roasted Coffee

Thank you Lex at Bridgeview Coffee Roasters for taking care of us and providing our rooms the locally roasted coffee pizzazz that you do!

Local crafts persons and businesses can unite to support a high quality (and sustainable) local economy!
***The locally made soaps, chocolates, oatmeal and coffee - featured at our inn, makes for GREAT business***

For your coffee drinking pleasure, we offer your choice of electric drip coffee pots or french-style coffee presses, c'est cool!

New Cruisers

We added 2 additional loaner-bicycles for our guests' pleasure, during their stay in North Bend - Coos Bay!

Guests at our inn are totally encouraged to take a bike ride down Highway 101 -
Nearby 101 faves such as Books by the Bay/ The Grounds Cafe, Liberty Pub, and the Mossy Rose are a must for visitors of the Itty Bitty Inn!

That's a total of 9 well-tuned bikes we offer guests - mountain bikes, road bikes and beach cruisers.

Our bikes are serviced at Moe's Bike Shop in North Bend, Oregon.

Mary Jean

Our new batch of soap just arrived for a fresh (and clean) start in 2015!

MaryJean delivered the soap and brought her pal, Tootie for a visit.

We feature craft soap by MaryJean Anderson's Soap Opera in every room!
***Thank you so much for your hard work MaryJean!***

Golden & Silver Falls

Add to your Oregon coast adventure - visit our nearby waterfalls!

Make sure to put our local waterfalls on your adventure itinerary - Just minutes up the Coos River Hwy, right outside of North Bend - Coos Bay.

A guest at our inn named Koa sent these pics from her trek to Golden and Silver Falls State Park. Check them out!
***Thank you so much for sending these to us, Koa!***