Itty Bitty Adventures

Itty Bitty Adventures pretty much consist of the stuff our innkeepers, groundskeeper, and housekeepers like to do when we arent at the inn. We have created the Itty Bitty Adventures just for our guests, so that they can share in some of the chillness we enjoy in biking, crabbing and vintage gaming. We ask for a small financial contribution to help offset costs associated with the free community solar workshops we provide year round!

3 simultaneous locations – 2 fabulous days!

Solar and electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts are invited to visit the southern Oregon coast town of North Bend for a two day electric-tech-meets-job-creation expo beginning on September 22nd at noon!

Electric trucks, cars, and bicycles manufacturers, dealers and owners gather between three simultaneous event locations in North Bend to engage the public in ride-along demonstrations, test drives, and to answer questions related to EV ownership.

Please visit for more details.

This free, family-friendly event is possible thanks to the Oregon Clean Fuels Program, Pacific Power, Oregon Coast Visitors Association, the City of North Bend, and the Itty Bitty Inn.

Generation X is in the HOWSE!

We LOVE when our fellow Trekkers come home to us in cosplay. We’ve been known to cosplay ourselves for any occasion as we don Stormtrooper armor or other outfits – and our guests often bring costuming to a whole new level when they interact w the stage props we have in our rooms.

Thank you so much Robert and Deborah for sending these Star Trek Trekkie pics during your stay with us this weekend, and we hope your continued away missions take you to strange new worlds. Boldly go, my dears!

On Terra, you will find our inn located in North Bend, Oregon situated 1/2 north of the Liberty Theatre and Liberty Pub which are two other nerdy destinations our guests adore!


Starfleet’s finest may find themselves engaged in Tridimensional Chess when staying aboard our USS Enterprise Room here at the Itty Bitty Inn in North Bend, Oregon!

Our super authentic 3D chess set is screen accurate just like those used in Star Trek’s Original Series!

It is located in Room 1701’s sleeping quarters for the pleasure and approval of our guests, of course.


Our Oregon Trail Room gets a fresh update with an Oregoney mural and some sweet vintage lighting! Thanks to Fat Cat Antiques in North Bend and Vintage 101 in Coos Bay for helping us source the fixtures! 

Our friend and muralist, Simon Whiteowl painted the magic – capturing the essense of the Three Sisters Mountains as seen from the Coastal Range. His partner Toni is truly lovely and helps him on his murals.

Here’s a quick vid of the room as we put the furniture in place after the mural was painted. Wiring and stuff was left out and were everywhere still.

The Itty Bitty Inn is located a half-mile north of Fat Cat Antiques!

Maybe on the Battlestar Galactica, they don’t celebrate Star Wars Day by saying ‘May the 4th…’ but instead prefer something closer related to their yahren. Couldn’t you totally picture Starbuck at a game table, chewing his cigar and grinning a side-mouthed ‘may the frack be with you‘ whilst throwing the winning hand over a game of pyramid? 

This May the 4th, we celebrated by going rogue and held tributes to the 1978 Battlestar Galactica, playing soundtracks on vinyl and enlisting our famed local muralist to paint some of Galactica’s very best on our southfacing side of the Itty Bitty Inn!

Wanna see his handiwork? Visit us at 1504 Sherman Ave in North Bend, Oregon. We are located 1/2 mile north of Liberty Theater!

It only takes a couple centons to find us.

May the frack be with you!

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