Care Package from Joe and Sheryl!

Thank you SO MUCH, Dearest Joe and Sheryl!!!

After weeks out of town, I’m back and I cant wait to open my mail…so I begin to sift through boxes and letters and then – whoa what’s this???

It’s a care package from my friends Joe and Sheryl!
WHAAAT??? Itty Bitty Inn COOKIES!!!

I LOVE cookies, especially sugar cookies and I love Joe and Sheryl too!

Thank you soooooo much my dear friends!

Who knows – If you are in North Bend, Oregon, near Southwestern Oregon Community College and the North Bend Public Library, you might catch me snacking on these little pieces of heaven. And I happily share, btw.  🙂

Oh and I found this Yelp review too that they posted with pics of their artful, magical, delicious COOKIES!!! >>> Review on Yelp

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