Crabbing At The Charleston Fishing Docks!

Let’s load up the Itty Bitty Inn truck with our crabbing gear and follow Cape Arago Highway to Charleston, located 9.5 miles from the Itty Bitty Inn. We stop by Davy Jones Locker for our crabbing permits (about $17.50 for Oregon, non-resident) and any snacks we’d like to bring.

Our guests are taught how to crab and learn about differentiating between different crab species and gender with each haul of the crab trap. 

We also pay a visit to the Charleston Fishermen’s Memorial Garden and a stop at the Sea Basket for some hot cocoa.

Difficulty: EASY    

All req’d crabbing gear, buckets, bait, and caliper usage is included

Duration: Duration: 2 to 3 hours 

Cost: $40 for groups up to 4 people, not including shellfish permit.

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