Itty Bitty Adventures

Itty Bitty Adventures pretty much consist of the stuff our innkeepers, groundskeeper, and housekeepers like to do when we arent at the inn. We have created the Itty Bitty Adventures just for our guests, so that they can share in some of the chillness we enjoy in biking, crabbing and vintage gaming. We ask for a small financial contribution to help offset costs associated with the free community solar workshops we provide year round!

vinyl lp record player at itty bitty inn coos bay north bend oregon

Share an indoor adventure with your favorite tunes as our selection spans genres from the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's all the way up to the Disco 70's! ...Actually, I think we have some big-hair-pre-Hagar-80's Van Halen, too.

Our wireless, portable record players also double as Bluetooth speakers for your mobile music streaming-enabled devices! Want to play your favorite Spotify playlist off of some speakers that sound less tinny than your smartphone? This jam box has you covered, bruh!

Difficulty: SUPER EASY      Duration: 1 evening


Atari 2600

This is an indoor adventure! - Let's go back in time as our innkeeper sets up a 1970s television cart and an Atari 2600 and rolls it into your room! All the Atari classics are included, such as Pitfall, Combat, Asteroids, Space Invaders and the worst video game of all time; E.T.  A growler of your favorite locally brewed craft beverage is recommended on this adventure.

Difficulty: Depending on if you play single or two player mode!  
Duration: One evening

Let's load up the Itty Bitty Inn truck with our crabbing gear and follow Cape Arago Highway to Charleston, located 9.5 miles from the Itty Bitty Inn. We stop by Davy Jones Locker for our crabbing permits ($13.50) and any snacks we'd like to bring.
Our guests are taught how to crab and learn about differentiating between different crab species and gender with each haul of the crab trap. 
We also pay a visit to the Charleston Fishermen's Memorial Garden and a stop at the Sea Basket for some hot cocoa.
Difficulty: EASY   Duration: 2 to 3 hours  
All req'd crabbing gear, buckets, bait, and caliper usage is included

This mountain biking tour is mellow and has very mild inclines during the ride as we get some great views of the woods and creeks. A forested pathway proves to be genius trail architecture that combines riding features for all skill levels.  Even little dudes and dudettes find the trail a breeze!

Whiskey Run Mountain Bike Trails are 21 miles south of the Itty Bitty Inn in North Bend, on Route 101.

Difficulty: EASY to AGRO...depending on how agro you want to get.   
Duration: 120 minutes total time - including travel to the trail head   
Cost: $75 per person (mountain bike and helmet usage included)
Call us for more deets!