Sea Caves and Dungeness Crab!

Brad and Favi traveled from El Paso, Texas to make another visit to the Oregon Coast, and another stay at the Itty Bitty Inn.

They reserved the Oregon Trail Room for a couple of nights.

And they had high adventure on their minds; to find coastal trails, waterfalls, and sea caves all in ONE outing! That’s an easy ask around here, so away they went to hike and climb and walk the trails not many have taken. And they found waterfalls, and tide pools, and sea caves…and then returned to the inn with freshly caught Dungeness crab!

After a warm shower, it was time to uncork a nice bottle of wine and put on a Stan Getz record. As we set the table, the lemon and butter had just finished melting and the crab had just finished steaming.

It’s another day at the Itty Bitty Inn, where we make lifelong friends and celebrate each other’s journeys.

And as we say at the inn, Welcome Home.

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