Sea Lion Crossing While Kayaking the Bay!

Who knows who you might cross wakes with when kayaking Coos Bay!

Dinner time expeditions feature plenty of exhilarating surprises when you’re quietly navigating around the banks of the bay.

There were two groups of sea lions feeding. Some were Californias and some were the much bigger Stellar sea lions. They were all pretty interested in me and would come up together to check me out. Here’s a video from this encounter with them today!

We encourage guests to use two nearby kayak launches: The California Street Boat Ramp is .5 miles south of the Itty Bitty Inn.

The Ferry Park Boat Ramp is located .6 miles north of the Itty Bitty Inn. Both give incredibly easy access to Coos Bay and the wildlife and boating and sightseeing that our area is renown for.

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