Vintage Atari 2600’ers rejoice!

Here at the inn, when we arent busy biking or kayaking (or dancing the robot) – you can find us forever fine-tuning the art of pairing local beers with old school Atari games! And sometimes (just sometimes), we discover a game accessory that is just as much fun as playing the game itself. Check out these super sweet Atari 2600 console dust covers!

No way whaaaaat??? Is that some classic Pitfall and River Raid action? 

Who knew that pixels and felt could marry to create such art! 

We’d like to send big respect and love to a fellow Atari enthusiast, Luiz Bonaccorsi who custom makes each Atari dust cover and sells them and other Atari items you cannot live without at his ebay store

Okay, that’s enough blogging for tonight – time to get back to my 7 Devils Brewing Company IPA and some vintage Space Invaders!

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